Felipe Grimberg has sold over 500 works by Botero. Recognized as a global connoisseur on works by Fernando Botero, Felipe has sold, paintings, watercolors, charcoal drawings, statues, and monumental installations by the great Colombian Master. Institutions, museums, businesses, and private collectors have all relied on Felipe’s unparalleled access to the oeuvre of Fernando Botero.

Selling Botero by Felipe Grimberg tells the story of Felipe Grimberg’s career, his journey in the art world and the true nature of a dealer’s relationship with an artist.

Selling Botero is a book for the art lover. The beauty of the book is that it explains, in Felipe’s words, what it’s like to be a true art enthusiast. He led a dream life selling artwork that he was completely passionate about. It is full of valuable insights and a treasure of anecdotes from the art world.

Selling Botero by Felipe Grimberg

Felipe has over 30 years of experience, has sold and bought more than 500 pieces of Botero artworks. All his professional life Felipe has dealt with galleries, auction houses, artists, and collectors.

Discover in his newest book, Botero 500, the stories behind this vast capital of experiences, know-how and expertise that make Felipe a facilitator who carefully plans, guides, and manages the process of acquiring art for his clients.

You will discover how Felipe lives by his believe that to facilitate effectively, objectivity and focus are the key drivers of making the right decisions, at the right time for the right price. Get an insight in how much Felipe takes pride in providing unobtrusive assistance, guidance, and supervision to enable collectors to enjoy the process to the fullest. Botero 500 is also the story of how Felipe Grimberg provides the complete process of facilitating art acquisition and bringing about an outcome such as pleasure, peace of mind, and learning for his clients.

Botero 500

With a vast experience in dealing with Fernando Botero himself and his vast oeuvre of artworks, we have published our very own catalogue of works by the famous Colombian Master. If you would like to discover what is currently available in the market and discuss the possibility of acquiring a piece from the catalogue.

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Botero Catalogue by Felipe Grimberg Fine Art