Whether you are interested in acquiring a single art piece for your home or business, making a onetime investment in art, giving a memorable painting to a loved one, or starting your new collection we will offer for sale pieces that will fit your needs.


Collectors’ tastes develop and change over time. We understand when our clients tell us that they want to upgrade pieces they have bought from us, or ask to exchange a piece for one from a different artist. Therefore, we offer to our clients the option to either receive works previously acquired from us as payment for a new work, or sell their pieces through us to fund the acquisition of another work.


Curatorial assistance: assisting in assembling, cataloging, and displaying from single pieces to an entire collection. Researching and advising on acquisitions.

Cataloguing and professional photography

Creating proper documentation; imaging, cataloguing, and maintaining the documentation is an important part of the collection process, whether one buys one work of art or owns an entire collection.

Collections Development

Developing and cultivating art collections, strategizing the vision and the aesthetics of the collection, which may require adjusting, growing, and emphasizing on the subject matter of the collection.

Display – Storage – Insurance Advice

Adaptation of physical spaces: Every art collection needs a physical space. A collector may display works on one wall or throughout their house; or the collection may be placed in storage or at the collector’s offices, as in recent years collections have become features in businesses headquarters, doctor’s offices, and law firms.

Installation and storage

Requirements for installation, requirements for storage, and evaluation or risks to the artwork to be installed, such as direct sunlight, temperature conditions, etc. We offer to our client’s appraisals for insurance purposes and advise them with art insurance considerations.

Moving and Shipping Artworks

Art may be purchased in a different country, or a collection may be sent to a different place. Thus, we assist our clients with coordination in importing or exporting, shipping, packing, storage, and conservation.

Relocation of artworks

Collectors may wish to move pieces from time to time into different locations, e.g., loans, gifts or donations to museums, friends, colleagues, etc.

Restoration and Conservation

Guidance and referrals for restoration and conservation: restoration and conservation are often overlooked, but restoring a work of art is a crucial process in returning an artwork to its previous state or original condition. Every artwork has its own materials, and every material requires specialized treatment and conservation.

Recommendations on art-related matters, such as taxation, trust creation, collectible endowments, authenticity, and safekeeping.

Buying at Art fairs

Due to the enormous interest in and proliferation of art fairs, our clients rely on our assistance in guiding them through the buying process. As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer this service for the major art fairs at a rate that reflects our expertise.


  • Assistance in building collections
  • Seminars, discussion and panels
  • Curate exhibitions
  • Art investment funds advice
  • Art advice