“Being able to help people acquire great artworks that will enrich their lives is a wonderful experience. It is great to see people buy, place the work in their home, hang it or install the sculpture and live with this great accomplishment. It is wonderful to see works pass through generations and for them to receive the monetary profit from their investment.” – Felipe Grimberg.

Felipe GrimbergFelipe Grimberg Fine Art is here to help you, the discerning art collector, to source for you the piece of art of your desire. 

With a vast experience of over 35 years, Felipe has been the trusted advisor to hundreds of collectors across the globe. Felipe and his experienced team offer access to networks of artists and collectors, insider’s knowledge of the marketplace, and great pricing.

Pieces by established artists such as Botero, Picasso, Chagall, Alex Katz, Andy Warhol have all found new and loving houses through the exclusive services of Felipe Grimberg Fine Art. Felipe has also introduced many up-and-coming artists and guided and advised many collectors on the future potential of young artists.

Felipe has worked with some artists and collectors for 25, even 30, years. He looks at new work and follows the evolution of the art market in detail. With a keen eye for works by mid-career and senior artists, he always engages with the artists, often resulting in a dialog that continues over the years. As for his clients, Felipe goes through great lengths developing together a vision for the art they want in their lives and how they want to acquire it. In the end, Felipe Grimberg Fine Art thrives on building relationships and trust. Good business is done through these partnerships.

The service levels you will enjoy while dealing with Felipe and his team are unparalleled. Felipe’s connections in the art world are so vast that no task or ask is too small or too big. At Felipe Grimberg Fine Art, the team is ready to support our customers with negotiations, research, authentication, insurance, transport even installation, if needed. To know more about our services, head over to the section Client Services.

Felipe Grimberg Fine Art is at your service to fuel your passion for collecting art, and to help you identify and obtain works that you will love for years.

Gallery Statement

Helping to build collections that celebrate the most successful artists of our times.


Selling quality works of art that both, maximize the buyer’s investment and provide a true emotional connection.


To be recognized in the contemporary art world as the collector’s trusted advisor, expert art connoisseur and dealer

Felipe Grimberg in his office in Miami

Our Office

Felipe Grimberg Fine Art is located near the Design District in Miami, a few minutes from the epicenter of cultural venues like the Arsht Center, the Pérez Art Museum Miami, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Rubell and Margulies Collections, as well as Wynwood Galleries and many artists’ studios.

Our offices house the vast capital of experiences, know-how and expertise that makes Felipe Grimberg Fine Art a well respectfully art facilitator office which carefully plans, guides, and manages the process of acquiring art for its clients.
We receive our clients at appointment only, to provide them with the complete process of facilitating art acquisition and bringing about an outcome such as pleasure, peace of mind, and learning for his clients. Felipe and the team take pride in providing unobtrusive assistance, guidance, and supervision to enable collectors to enjoy the process to the fullest.

Our library contains thousands of art books and catalogues that serve as research tools and support our professional expertise. In addition to our library, FGFA uses Artsystems, cutting-edge art-management software for dealers, which is complemented by a series of art-specialized digital databases, publications, and research platforms.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment. You will be experiencing the optimal blend for the works of art and services FGFA sells and provides to its clients.

Our Strategic Partners

As a private art dealing business, we carefully select only those art service providers who understand how important our customers are to us; they then become our trusted strategic partners. These partners include art storage warehouses, shippers, installers, insurance companies, and customs brokers, such as The Fortress, Masterpiece International, Day & Meyer Insurance, AIG, HDI Global, and Cosmotrans, among others.